Hand Made Stamp schwarz

As a copywriter for an online shop that sells Italian food, I have come to learn a lot about pasta, especially as we at the office usually cook and have lunch together and home made pasta is served once a week. We try to make as many forms as possible, that is, I do, because I am the person responsible for that area in the kitchen.

This website is dedicated to the Ligurian pasta form croxetti. This little known pasta is made traditionally with wooden stamps by first cutting the dough in circles and then pressing a pattern into it, similar to a coin made at a mint.

The wooden stamps are hard to come by, because only very few craftsmen in Liguria have the skills. I still wanted to make croxetti, so I designed some for the 3D printer. You can see (and buy) them in my Shapeways shop, where they are printed on demand.

I plan on adding recipes to serve with croxetti, so no matter whether you buy ready made croxetti (there are a few online shops which have them on offer) or home made croxetti, you will have some idea how to serve them. I don’t consider myself a food blogger, though, but I will do my very best. Also, I am not a native speaker of English.


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